Things are happening!

Turns out I haven’t posted on here for a while. One year one
month and nine days to be precise. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long, but I
hope to post a little more regularly from now on.

Anyway, moving on to what I’m doing now! I’m working on a
documentary project about people who identify with punk/underground music
culture, what it is today compared to what it has been, what its stereotypes
are and whether or not those stereotypes are valid. It’s certainly a project
that excites me far more than any other project I have done in either first or
second year at university. It’s a subject I feel I am heavily involved in and
it means I can meet a lot more people who are into the same music as me, which
is fun! You can see how the project is developing on the ‘Once We Were
Anarchists’ section of this website! The title, Once We Were Anarchists, is a
reference to a Frank Turner song of the same title. I chose this title
specifically because of its reference to punk’s anarchistic past, while also
stating how it has somewhat moved away from that section of its history, which
is something I wish to portray throughout the project.

I also intend on turning this project into a book! Or maybe
a few, depending on how long it lasts, hopefully it will go on way beyond the
end of this academic year, and to different parts of the country and maybe even
other countries!

Book cover design

Some images from this project will also be exhibited at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick lane, in London, from June 23rd through to the 28th, in the Falmouth University third year degree show, Exordium. This is Part of the Free Range Shows involving several different photographic courses from universities across the country. And I absolutely encourage you to come to the show, not just to view my photography, but also the other excellent work my course mates have been producing.

Beyond that I recently visited my friend James in Bath, and photographed his band Squidge, you can see those images under the ‘Bands’ tab. This was my first experience of a commercial style band shoot, and it was a lot of fun! It’s certainly something I wish to do more of, and even possibly make a career of, if possible. So if you have a band and need some promotional photographs don’t hesitate to contact me, I would love for the opportunity to photograph more and more bands and build up a portfolio for further work. My contact details can be found on this website.


First ever blog post!

This being the first ever blog post I Have ever done I should probably begin with an introduction to myself.
My name is Jacob Meredith and I am 19 year old photography student, studying in Falmouth, Cornwall. I was Born in Derby, and until recently moving to Falmouth, I lived in the New Forest in a small town called Fordingbridge, with my Mum. I have an older brother, who is 21, and is currently living in Vietnam, selling motorbikes, or something along those lines, I’m not entirely sure what he spends most of his time doing!
I have a great fondness for music, and that will no doubt be brought up on many, many occasions on various posts to this blog. specifically artists such as, Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls, Fugazi, Blood Red Shoes, Dry The River, Arcane Roots, Modern Baseball, Touche Amore, La Dispute, Drenge and many more bands and artists who I cant be bothered to list at this point in time!

But my current life in the lovely land of Cornwall revolves around photography, seeing as I studying it for a degree. And within my own work I try to focus on things that people don’t really look at on a day to day basis. this is because if I was photographing things that people see all the time, it would feel a bit pointless, because people see it all the time, they don’t need me to show it to them again, people would just get bored!

so that is a brief introduction to me, hopefully you will read all about me in future blog posts, but for now, go and have a nap!!

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